Portable Driving Range

Light. Compact. Versatile.



The Hitting Surfaces

The Tee

The Rough

The Fairway

16" X 36" Folds Into 16" X 12"

Zips Into Handy Nylon Carrying Case

The Range

Heavy Duty, Non-slip

Poly Urethane Backing


Highest Grade Synthetic Turf


Weather Resistant

Helps Promote a Proper

Golf Stance



Range To Go is an extremely durable product that uses the best synthetic materials available. The three turf panels are constructed in one-piece fashion, with the turf woven into the heavy-duty, non-slip polyurethane base for optimal durability and longevity.


The realistic playing surfaces allow the golfer to have the best hitting experience in any location, such as the backyard, garage, basement, beach, simulator, hitting net, driving range, cottage or dock.


Range To Go's unique design folds into about the size of a laptop bag and stores into a handy nylon carrying case, making it easy to transport from location to location, something very difficult to do with full size mats. When expanded for use, Range To Go unfolds into three side by side 12" panels that are 16" wide, helping to promote the proper width of the golf stance.


  • When will Range To Go ship?

    Range To Go is Shipping Now!

  • What is the best way to contact you?

    Please email info@rangetogo.com

  • What is your return policy?

    We have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with Range To Go, email us to setup a return and we will gladly issue a refund.

  • Where should I direct Press or Wholesale inquiries?

    Please email chris@rangetogo.com

  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes, Range To Go comes with a 10 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do, Range To Go ships anywhere in the world for $69.99 USD.

The Layout




International shipping is an additional $69.99

Canada shipping is an additional $39.99

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